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We are located in San Antonio and have specialists to provide complete developmental evaluations, medical care, and coordination of services for children, teens and adults with attention problems, learning differences, autism spectrum disorders, and a wide variety of other emotional or behavior challenges.

Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics is a subspecialty of Pediatrics requiring General Pediatrics training followed by 2 years of additional specialized training. Developmental Behavioral Pediatricians firmly believe that a comprehensive evaluation is essential to properly diagnosing and developing a treatment plan for developmental and behavioral challenges, to ensure optimal outcomes for children with these lifelong conditions. Hidden neurodevelopmental weaknesses can manifest as behavior problems with frustration, anxiety, or loss of self-esteem. It is now also recognized that many teens and adults have suffered from early developmental issues which are now impacting their functioning and mental health. They also deserve comprehensive evaluation and treatment to reach their optimal potential. To this end we have expanded our assessments and treatments to include teens and adults.

Integrative Holistic Medicine is a much improved terminology that has replaced the older term “complementary and alternative medicine”, giving more of a sense of encompassing many healing traditions vs. this or that in addition to our standard western medicine approach. Also implied is the hope that it is more individualized or suited to the patient, but in no way a lesser treatment. Frequently ancient healing systems, such as Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese medicine, serve as a basis for some of the integrated techniques and both have a very long history of being complete treatment, fulfilling our need for “evidence based treatment”. Integrative Holistic Medicine principles encourages treatment of the whole person including mind, body and spirit. We strive to achieve these goals in complete evaluation and treatment of our patients and clients!

Our office and practitioners are in network with many major insurance companies and most of our assessments and treatments are covered with insurance benefits. If your insurance doesn’t cover our services, we offer competitive private pay pricing. We will also provide the medical and integrative treatments for patients who have received assessments by Psychologists or with school testing. Call us for more information if you have questions about your insurance benefits.

Medical / Developmental Assessments

We provide complete assessments for children, teens, and adults to identify ADHD, autism, mood disorders, other developmental differences, genetic syndromes, biomedical, and nutritional aspects of health. Our assessments includes:

• Neuropsychological testing for IQ, adaptive functioning, achievement testing, neurobehavioral status assessment, and sensory processing screening

• We may order imaging (with MRI or CT scans), labs for biomedical and nutrition assessment, or genetics testing as indicated by the individual’s condition or findings.

Integrative / Holistic Treatments

For comprehensive treatment we provide:

• Medication management
• EEG Biofeedback, Spectravision, and HeartMath biofeedback
• Acupuncture
• Osteopathy in the Cranial Field and Dr. Chikly Brain Therapy
• Sound therapy with Acutonics and the Listening Program
• Herbal and vitamin recommendations and prescription
• Wellness services and yoga (see below)

MACCMA-LLC Wellness Center

MACCMA stands for the Matrix for the Advancement of Cosmic Consciousness and Meta Awareness! With our wellness services we hope to enhance healing for the individual, and increase awareness of our place in the Cosmos/Universe. According to Chinese Medicine principles this gives healing and benefit to ALL!

We offer a wide range of wellness services including:

• Massage therapy-deep tissue, Thai yoga, and prenatal massage
• Acupuncture-needle and laser available, or Acutonics treatments with tuning forks on Acupuncture points (no needles!)
• Acutonics tuning forks, bowls, and gongs for sale
• Acutonics Workshops and core classes
• Spectravision bionetic scans with personalized homeopathic and flower essence remedies
• Pulsed vascular therapy with BEMER
• Far infrared sauna or far infrared Biomat during massage or Acupuncture
• Vitalyzer foot baths for detoxification
• Hyperbaric oxygen chamber
• High quality vitamins supplements including Pure Encapsulations, Nordic Naturals, Eat Right 4 Your Type, and doTERRA essential oils
• Yoga, Acutonics, and Parenting books for sale as well as an extensive library for patient and client use
• Spiritual weddings and ceremonies through ministry with SHES (Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards)

Yoga for Cosmic Consciousness

Yoga means to “yoke” or unite mind, body, and spirit and is in itself an integrative, holistic therapy. It is scientifically based yet spiritual, but it is not a religion. We teach small, individualized yoga classes, provide yoga therapy, and Thai yoga massage-also known as “lazy man’s yoga”! We also teach meditation, mantra, pranayama-breathing techniques to balance brain function mood and emotions. See our Class calendar and fill out the registration form to register for classes or to get more information about classes and workshops.